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High Energy Times

High Energy Times are emailed out to all of the Subscribers each night before the trading day begins with specific times identified for the trader to watch for potential market tops, botoms and/or breakouts from consolidation to trigger large moves. Wouldn't it be great to know specific times WHEN to look for trades - that is what this service provides its Subscribers. This service is unique to Viper Trading - we are not aware of any other trading service that provides High Energy Times to it's Subscribers.

TRADERS - The New BANDAID Indicator is here. It is a new, unique and powerful trading tool. The Bandaid automatically paints on the chart and trade entry is very simple - Break Above - Long & break Below - Short. 
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I am very proud to put my name in support and testimonial of Viper Trading Systems…  The tools are honestly the best, along with training, customer service and room commentators that bundle into a simple system that just flat works.  Relaxing trading that is not like anything else… 

Best regards;

John Saraga

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